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Only a reminder why these are typical my genuine experiences of setting up with dudes via Grindr.

I’ve been single for a long time now, but demonstrably I’m nevertheless a horny blighter, and Grindr provides a way that is really easy have a fast little bit of enjoyable. There’s only been 1 or 2 guys I’ve regretted conference, than I would normally be able to pull, but who just happened to be horny enough to want to fuck me or stick their dick in my mouth because they creeped me out for one reason or other, but that’s offset by experiences with a few guys who were far hotter.

Therefore anyhow, I met up with Stuart at his spot one night. We’d chatted several times and he’d sent me pictures of their cock, in which he ended up being, well, hung like a fucking donkey to be truthful.

Therefore we’re lying on their sleep, chat for the bit that is little then he’s like, “So you want to draw my cock?” Could be the pope a catholic? Needless to say I Actually Do. Therefore he whips their pants down and takes their boxers down and here its, nevertheless soft but fucking huge. Therefore I decrease it all in on him and do my best to take. It’s at minimum 8 ins and pretty thick also.

I am able to be persuaded to cease drawing for long sufficient to just take my very own garments off, and he comes back the favor, jacking me personally off, drawing my cock then fingering my ass, which demonstrably I adore. Continue reading