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without a doubt more about Koreans and Africans

We have a brand new co-worker, a Korean woman, Alice, that has been hitched to a Pakistani when it comes to previous 6 years. Alice spent some time working with foreign teachers before and contains shared tales beside me about them along with her very own personal tale to be married up to a foreigner.

Alice explained about her Canadian African co-teacher (whom hated being called “black”). He lived in a condo building where he had been possibly the foreigner that is only. Evidently, whenever he rode the elevator, Korean renters into the building would log off if he had been in.

Me away when I asked Alice why Koreans have this attitude towards African people, her answer blew. (take note that this isn’t a representation of her opinion, but that of Korean people generally speaking).

I happened to be told that Koreans fear African individuals because “they can be crooks” or “they may harm you.”

“Koreans think these are generally such as the mafia.” When I questioned Alice where all this work is due to, she replied, “From TV and films.”

With this point, i ought to inform you that we now have a quantity of Nigerians in Korea. It is known that some are right here as English teachers (illegally, as Nigerian passport holders are perhaps not allowed to be English teachers). Continue reading